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Wednesday, 13 July 2016



 If you want to make better good  quality blog and develop your audience based around your blogger community and you make your blogger community around your blogs when you have active i am say about ways to improve your blog readership.You should feel proud of yourself for making a decent blog with a good platform and a some followers.The good blog doesn't involve just the quality of the content its also insist reader to read blog.

 If your blog traffic target traffic and converts it better in every sense.A website blog has the potential to convert a lot of readers into clients.Its not enough however to simply build a blog and publish to it once a week.    It takes strategy to properly market a blog your content seen by the general public.Essentially if refers to any reader interaction with your blog in any way of traffic As a subscriber,as a product buyer, and as an engaged audience
member,visitor behavior,comments,social shares,user feedback and any thing these kinds of visitor are the ones who will be marketing your blogs .

I will share some strategies which help you improve your audience base blog reader,here are some details that are helpful for bloggers.


At first understanding the figure of the people you want to attract to your blog this is important if you want to  increase readership of your blog.Furthermore it is important to understand exactly which type of people read your blog.By developing a process for connecting them and find identify individuals and try to reach those content that they like.It is good idea to look some of blogs are differently from you.What about their content,design and marketing is working well?What can you learn from them?Track this process apply it to your blog.


I thing you are already posting on social media but you might not be doing plentiful of it.
Social media site like Facebook,Twitter,GOOGLE+,Pinterest those of site provide a good platform for build your online reputation.Recently Facebook is the good platform for bloggers.You maintain your account daily and keep your followers connect and engaged

You’re probably already posting on social media, but you might not be doing enough of it, or adopting the best approach. Currently, the top social platforms for bloggers are Facebook and Instagram, though Twitter and Pinterest are not far behind.After your blog post just  you just share don't wright those kind of words like please like my post,here is my blog post.If you want to build great readership for your blog an active social media presence will help you.
Try to promote your best content on your blog,and comment it regularly to build good relationship with readers i mean audience.Post like picture and create video with your blog post that audience like  it and then details about your video ,picture,audience want to encourage your followers to share your blog post and increase your blog followers.

The best way to grow your blog audience to promote your content with good titles.Your content can be exactly what you are target audience is looking for doesn't post those type of content that audience feel boring,not useful feel.If your content title good then readers will be read your blog with good attraction.Promote every post you publish as much aspossible.
For example of just sharing your post on social media,pin the share of your post to the top of your twitter profile and Facebook page.You can also use promotion by your email listand
reaching out to influencers. This kind of help extend the content reach and hopefully new readers for your blog.


If you build up more relationship to other bloggers you have build up around your blog the good quality of readership.Once you have healthy audience then everything will be super easy like sales more,more profits,good quality traffic,good online visibility.You use the other people blog connect with them.Try to guest post,comment post,sending email about their post for quickly build good relationship.Introduce their blog post to readers and by this way you can build good online reputation.


You publish quality content on your blog but its also important publish quality content on a schedule post,You don't need to necessarily to post every day.You should publish a new blog post once a week.If you  not have good blog post on your site no one will be interest to read your blog post even if you have lot of impact online but it don't help you if you are not the decent writing post.
At First you find and identify the problem is with your audience,and this strategy help you to good blog post.At first you find what people want and then post those content that they like and build a good network with them.If readers expect a new blog post at a certain time, that will keep them on the lookout for it,if they go to your blog once a week , they will be greeted with new content.If they go back from your blog and never see new content,they probably not return to your blog.


 Impression is the very important for your blog,if you get good impression from readers then your blog will grow.You are connecting with the design of your blog almost as much as with your words.You create your blog with good colorful design,this is important.The right color of your blog boost readership.If you want to grab others bloggers you make your blog with good design that look professional.Making your blog with the mobile friendly as the smartphone user increase everyday.


Guest blogging is the good way to build brand around your blog,guest blogging help you to get back link and it also help your online presence and then you get more readership with your blog.

You comment post on other blog as a guest and your post content must be decent write always good quality post to other blogger.People always follow good quality content.So
trying to landing on top blog because top blog help you get good readers and you try frequency guest post on blogs.

So these are some of techniques which is useful,this is the way to improve your blog readership,creating good relation with your readers and improve your relationship.If you know any other process to improve your blog readership around their blog please share your advice  on comment section.


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