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SEO for image website and how to get tariff from Google. Pinterest is one of the top social networking site current time. Pinterest image optimization strategy for those of you looking to maximize the shareability on your website. what is your target is that to get traffic from search engines.If you add a image that particular image should be optimizes. Image and video are always preferred for blog. If you have photo based website then can optimize image  based website and get traffic to your site.

if you optimized image and this helps ranking in search engine,the image will be ranked and get traffic Now i am say about the way of image referral traffic.

Now the time is modern and technology is advanced,people always try to do modern and quality forms of blogging like photo blogs,video we will discuss about of search optimization for photo blogs.The image in Search engine optimization has very typical with popular SEO.So we start from beginning. A picture can say thousand words and gets clicked onto.With google showing images and video sin high ranking position through its universal search its time to look at how you can make sure your content appears in this position.

On site SEO of image Based website
Its so tough but on thing you should give is  text add your image,if you add fee text line on your image that very useful and by that you get benefit.

At first select keyword for your image.selecting keyword is important for SEO.You do not ignore the keyword selection for your photo blogs.One of the keyword essential to create dived post for images.The title of the keyword is weightily search words the the post get good ranking.
Onpage optimization SEO same as the normal SEO process.On page optimization refers to factor that have an effect on your website or web page listing in natural search result.This factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page


The image of the file name some thing right.if you think that the file name of your image has no power then you are wrong,using descriptive file name you can help search engines identify the content of your image and its better to have the names around the selected keywords.essentially you want to help google understand what the content of the image is in way you can,default image name should be avoid and optimized name should be used,by that google check at the file names of the images,specially in google search.

Image alt tag is the key element for image optimization as it provides a descriptionto help the search engine establish the content of your image.the key words of the image should be under 140 character.if this doesn't covence you enough to create an Altag for every image then it remember that image description are important user too.So the all tag should be given special importance.

Text is a word or phrase that can be inserted  as an attribute is an HTML document To say the web site viewers the nature of contents of image.when you create post a blog one more than picture you make sure some text around the images.this is essential because when google check the image by crawling through the picture.


The image comparison is to reduce irrelevance and redundancy of the image data in order to be able to store or transmit data in an efficient form.the image compression is very important in photo blogs because google focuses lot on the site speed ,compression of JPEG images saved by adobe Photoshop at different quality levels and with or without save for web.Image compression is minimizing the size bytes of graphics file without degrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level.The reduction size of file allows to be stored in a given amount of disk memory can trade the image quality of can reduce size of the image by image tool and image quality is also reduce the same required for images to be sent over the internet or downloaded from webpages,


You dont upload many image in one page because by that the loading of the page slow and your website can be low ranking.So remember the number of image not exceed

Off site optimization of image based website,at first i am say social media site is the very good way to get lots of traffic,like pinterest,stumble upon,reedit, thing you can remember your image base website should be good designed with basic feature.and share button should be available.
In off page optimization quite same as on page optimization of your photo based website ya blog.Off page optimization the techniques that can be used to improve of a web site in search engine result page.there are some basic factors are like

Naturally a watermark is more or less transparent or text that has been applied to a piece off paper,another image to either  protect the original image.watermark of image drive good traffic for your photo based website.this is a important part of should leave watermark on your every uploaded image,by that you can get traffic directly,this is also help for branding.if anyone copy of your image you can simply spot it using watermark.when adding a watermark to a photo you send a clear signal that this photo should not be coppied ya used without your consent.

Make sure to promote your website content through multiple social media can use multiple platform to connected with your audience,keeping the focus on ones creating maximum buzz for you.From your blog ya website easily share images to social media sites.there are are some various platform which can help you in adding the sharing option to the blog.
Facebook is the social platform with maximum number of active user current can share your content by there,when people comes to Facebook mostly with an intention of socializing in a casual mood,interesting topic with picture get more attention in form of likes and share on Facebook.
Pinterest is the latest social media sensation.this image sharing website allows you to share pictures from your post to appeal to your target audience. Pinterest can help you drive your traffic.
Share your content Google+,don't forget about your google profile,Upload and share images of your pictures but walleyes remember include description for encourage your followers to share it.There is a lot of noise that Google+ has a indirect correlation with your website ranking in search engine,whenever you update your blog,you should update Facebook,twitter and other social media profile as well.
You can use stumble upon for image share this site hep to get traffic to your photo based website.


One thing you obviously provide embed code under the pic on your blog ya website,The embed code is a block of HTML which is embedded in the page source and creats an object in dong so.So that if someone wants add the picture to their website ya blog they can have a direct method to do so.

Flicker is one of the best picture sharing site and you should therefore create an account and add your images.So uploading image is not enough,every image should be optimized for SEO and get traffic.

You publish your picture in a daily base that wiil keep your website ya blog very new in search engine,this is good method.So SEO FOR IMAGE WEBSITE AND HOW TO GET TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE,I mentioned all the step of on page and of page optimization for your photo based website ya blog,so normal SEO good result from your photo based website ya bolg.If any comment pls comment below.


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