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Wednesday, 13 July 2016



Want to make money, So today tell you how to start a blog that make money,Blogging is not career,this is the way of make money,This is the tool changing the world.This is hobby a diversion a fad that'll come and go.SO you started a blog,since you have hears it is way to make cash,but you are not quite sure how to make money doing it.   Or maybe you already have a blog and you are exploring ways to monetize it.

Try telling your friends,coworkers you want to quit your job and make money by blogging
,Does anybody really make money from that ?

If you want to be a serious blogger and making money with blog.If you realize that speicial thing of blogging,that already successful blogger already have and hardworking is the key of successful blogger.Specially you us social media for blog post one any content about blog related to  any social account to grow you audience,and maintain you existing one.

Now how to make money by blogging?

Make money by blogging at first you create a blog,while this is pretty obvious it is also stumbling block for many pre bloggers who come to the idea of blogging of little or no technical background.You don't want to invest in great domain name use just simple.


At first you create useful content,crating new content should be fun,you should want to research new thing about your topic because you are generally interested.A blog is not a blog without content so once you have st your blog up you definitely focus your concentrate to creating useful content.What type of content you choose its totally depend on the topic that you choose and write about,most of the successful bloggers follow this.
Always focus on creating content that changes people s live in some way will be of the type of content and people value of your content and it will be help for people trust.

You don't hire freelancer writer lost of money and result you don't get any traffic,penalties from search engine and no conversions.Once you understand this then you cant higher freelancer.


After create your useful content your focus will be spend most of the time looking at building your blog.Many blogger have a built it and they will mentality with their blogging but is a bit of a trap.If you want to make money by blog focus on building your blog and also necessary of your blog and to start prompting it.Developing a successful blog to do with building relationship..that include relationship with sponsor,affiliate partner or other bloggers and they will direct traffic to your blog.

With creating good content finding readers for your blog you notice people visit your blog and read your blog.At this point you need to switch focus on readers and build community.



One of the most common ways for bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site.There are two type of ads CPM ads and CPC ads.

CPM Ads per 1000 thousand impression and that pay you fixed amount of money that how many people view your ad.

CPC Adas i mean cost per click are banners that you place in your content or sidebar every time readers click on your ad you paid for click.
The most popular network goggle adsense you use this,for this program,you dont need to direct contact with the advertiser,you just simply place ads on your website ya blog,google choose the relavent of your content and your viewrs click on ads you get traffic.IF you not partner with adsense smiler lots of site you can use that help you to get traffic on your website ya blog like bidvertiser,Chitika,pop ads ,Infolinks and


Display ads are graphics or images slimier to billboards or ads like in a magazine.They are on your sidebar of your blog ,you can place it header,footer or within your content,its refer sometime as a banner ads.Ads on your site making them attractive and visitor vist your blog advertiser always hope that your vistor click ads and then purchase products that show on you blog ads.

This display ads provide through ad networks and ad network company connect advertiser and publisher i mean bloggers.So ad network is the between of the advertiser and publisher,The ads network take a cut from the partnership profit.Ad network are attractive to many bloggers because they take the try out  of display advertising.


Private ads are same to display ads and they also come int he form of buttons or graphics and appears sidebar of blogs.They are unique and no middleman are there,Partnership are directly between blogger and individual small business or company, Working with the network advertising is not only option when it comes to selling ads.If you end up with good traffic advertiser come directly and ask to place ads on your site,you also on contact with the advertiser,The difference between that previous say no middleman,that you can set your own ad rates.
You can sell private ads from banners,buttons,or links,and you can make money also with the sponsored post where you give review the advertising products or service.  Another option is to underwritten post or series,where you write about a topic,but the avertiser pay for if you mentioned content.this is the way that you make money,and you might charge a one time fee for a link with in a post,      if you hosting banner ads you might charge your partner monthly.Don't just through up an advertising page and expect advertiser to come calling,go to them,find other blogs that are your size or slightly larger.Contact  the those company and the ask to advertise on your site too.TO maximize your income you sell the video,podcast,newsletter.
Writing the sponsored that mean yo work with a company and you write their about the product or service.You keep sponsored post to minimum so you don't turn  off readers and if you read blogs you can seen sponsored post,they can be spotted by the disclosure.

As an affiliate marketer you promote someone product or service,affiliate marketing is the great tool for monetize your blog.A recent survey pro bloggers readers found that affiliate promotion is the most common type of income.You link to that the product or service with using your affiliate link,when someone click through your link and make purchase then you earn commission.An advertiser has products and want to sell and then they give you commission if the buyer coming from your site.You include your affiliate link on your site,the
directly you can do content or through banner ads.
You can utilize affiliate marketing through ad networks,amazon,flip-cart,or you can create private partnership with the advertiser.
Digital products sell is the another way of income ,there lot of item,if you want to sell music or video that other can use as intros or outros.
If you know code writing you can app,plugin theme sell,and many plugin authors offers 
plugin for free,but ask for courses workshop you can do that.ebooks write also.
Always remember that when you sell digital product you first research what your readers want,at first listen your readers first and then create digital products,that will fulfill their needs


If you sell physical products make money and by that,always thinking making money from your blog,then think of your blog content marketing tool that will drive visitor to your business website.For many bloggers their blogs help the sell books,you can do self published ya another way of traditionally published.If you are self published author blog is the good way for sell books.
you can setup your own shop for free and simple to get started,you can sell manufacturing products by use your site ya blog,if you create your own product thats could sell handmade products,books.
So making money blogging can take a lot of constancy,but that can pay if you starting our from to start a blog that make money i write the way in the article,so if use those procedure,i think u can help by that.


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