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Wednesday, 6 July 2016



 iTunes Earn money eCommerce link building while it  is theoretically possible to  link 
adding a blog to commerce site.I am showing you you exact link building step and by that
tariff going to be increase and get revenue. Now the question is how do i find the best back links for our industry.So for this solution a simple search in google keywords and then google will be answer.

So now the step for link building like

Category pages is the earn money pages for eCommerce site. Getting link to this pages is important because the page that will be ranking for key head and mid tail terms.The category pages will still remain the part of the  site architecture. so start thinking how to  redesign your category pages.

Adding to the blog and create link.many blogs write post that end up being nothing more than extended product reviews for their own products.Most of the sites that sell products directly don't want to be a content publisher so due to lack of resources adding a blog is the good choise.

Guest posting is the good method for link building as eCommerce store.You can control the pages link and build back links.the key to an effective guest post is getting in front of the right audience.this is easily if u want to buy something and u find the community type of your product and then guest post there.It just to be something that will come of a potential buyer of yours.

Everyone from the for business promote  asking us to like them on Facebook.but this not good procedure for promote business.I think if u show some contest and then win something on your Facebook page that is very good way .


Number of eCommerce site want to get deep content creation game and they want still rank highly.Many makeup beauti care website add there website and told how to use their product but i think if they offer with low cost price clean your face like  campaign if they organise and then add this campaign to Facebook page,media then it is good way.


Now a day eCommerce business cant do without search engine optimization. eCommerce seo is  challenging complex and comparative than if you looking tariff then go at first google search key word,the type like moto gp game

So  search for moto gp game result,and there are different search figures.If we search moto gp game in google then search result show like

Number of keyword research tutorial focus on information keywords,this type of keywords people search and then type to search engine and discover helpful content while these keywords have their place for an eCommerce business.So you control keyword research with products focus keyword mind if you search in Amazon,it the good eCommerce site online

First head over the amazon and enter keyword and then that of your product

The keyword amazon suggest tend to be very targeted 2 or 3 keyword is better do than long tail keywords,they tend to less competitive .

Keyword tool dominator is autocomplete service that suggestion you whe searching for products

For use it just enter a seed keyword into the tool

It will search lot of keyword like

Not only does the tool make this process fluently than manually,so when i search in amazon site they give not very tool but after when i search in keyword dominitor tool they result lots of tool.


I find that many eCommerce site owner optimized their category pages around lots of keyword,they will put some thought that the customer might use find products.if you are competating against amzone.Then here the shop by department category at the top of the bottom page.this will list out amazon main categories.
You can see the deartment sub catagory also like

Now yo can hit amazon full sore category,that will show amazone departments and sub catagory on asingle page like

 Now its time to dig deep through the list and find catagoty with keyword that your site sells,for example site sell watches,you click on all watches

Then you click on like product of which type of watch you want to sell, i want to sell timex watches,so click on times watch

Then you click on lik,Then amazon will show all the keyword about timax watches.So amazon is great resource for finding category page keywords.

SEMrush is another keyword search site.It also provide organic keywords bringing the tariff into the site.This is the useful information for keyword recherche.It shows you keyword that already ranks for,First enter a competitor SEMrush field LIKE

Then pick organic research from the sidebar like

This will show all the keywords that your competitor ranks for like

Wikipedia is good site for keyword search,there you can there find keyword  for product   and category pages.Wikipedia organize topics by keywords and categories there the example how Wikipedia keyword recherche.

First enter a keyword that describes a product or category your site sells like

Then keyword search result like

Organisation discount is the great way to build links and also generate some direct sales,by that client site able to several link from highly dictatorial sites,its a good procedure which you approach organisation they offer their member discount on products or service you cell.

Another opportunities can be found by analyzing the back link profiles of the organisation 
already listed on the member page.

 Analyzing the back link profile of their website and search for provide 319.871 backlinks form 1501 referring domains.

Article submission is the good way of the guest posting ,its worth getting a link form a few
of this site.article submission does not meant articles to content form like go article ,you need to do find relevant sites that except article submission.To find website that accept the 
article submission following search string




The key different guest post and article submission for guest post require good effort and will generally be on good quality tariff website.

Sponsored post is very good idea for back link,and you pay for the preveilage of the posting
your content someone other can also do backlinks for directories many of the low quality spam directories targeted by google few years ago were deindexed so if you do directory link building is the good way .

                                            "Keyword +directories"
Keyword directories,searching without quotes will give  you a match ,if you search without quotes you might get result for "bow and arrow too"
So earn money eCommerce link building.Hopefully this guide is useful if u know some other technics mentioned your own website.So this procedure is full of keyword research on page seo .This is help all for page seo.


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