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Monday, 25 July 2016



Today i tell you  the best social media desktop  tools for MAC OS ,the war between Mac and Windows devotees has been raging for decades ,mac series laptop are defensively good solid device.many feel the cost of mac too high for what you get but others justify price tage by citing top tier support,higher quality hardware,blazingly fast,no phone viruses.

So social ,media tool are universal now,now a day a lot of online application that help creating a good content,creating a system of automation,but many software developer are still creating application for Mac Os.

If you are building a desktop app for your service,the question will come up soon ya later.Desktop app building is indeed longer and more complected,regardless of what your app does,just getting it up and ruining on different computer with different operating system is quite a challenge not to mention that you will probably go for a windows and a mac version.Also as far as distribution is concerned,many people will tell you that users are reluctant to download apps on their desktop.Original application like Facebook,Twitter a pinterest have to focus on the UI and the UX of things as well as having all of the needed features,desktop application on the other hand has to be functional,they give user the bigger picture and allowing them to access content easily and perform actions with few simple clicks.

Now discuss about tool like,buffer,trillian,Instafeed,snappy,Hootsutie.Tweetdeck,instamaster,
Tweetbot,pinpro,Mikeddit etc

Buffer for Mac

Buffer is a smart and easy way to schedule content across social media.Think of Buffer like a virtual queue you can use to fill with content and then stagger times throughout the day.So the buffer saving your time scheduling also help in getting your content out at the right time so you can reach the maximum number of people.This lets you keep to constant social media schedule all week long without worrying about micro- managing the delivery times.The Buffer app also provides analytics about the engagement and reach of your post.
Buffer of Mac a simple version of online tool when you login through your registered buffer account all your account are displayed



Trillian the free instant messenger for Mac os it connect multiple im services.This is clever app for your instant massaging,it works by merging all the instant messaging accounts that you have in to a single place,whether it is google,Facebook,MSN,AIM,ICQ or Yahoo and several others,you cab find them all from one place,you can connections under separate identities to prevent confusion.All countries are gathered under the same contact list.Contacts are not bound to their own IM service group,and can be dragged and dropped freely.You can continue conversations away from your Mac seamlessy on your iOS device,creating truly mobile insta messaging you or your business.


Instafeed is deed simple way to add photos to your website,having to open a portable device when you have that a beautiful large screen in front of you and with the not user friendly website,this is why you should use Instafeed.It allows to search for hashtag,easily subscribe to feed,check out your followers and see if they following you back.You simply log into your Instagram account within the app and off you go with unlimited image views and infinite scrolling you can explore in an entirely new way,and app the a[[ allows you to bookmark users without following them for easy access.


Take a napshot that stay alwayes on top annotate,share encrypted with self destruct,everything up neatly organized in your library and syncds ,Snapchat on your Mac that realy simple.You can do sending and receiving snaps add filters to your own and so on at your desk is a good service.For those who are fond of Snapchat this app are very good,its save time and hase some function with the filters and useful thing.This is clean and easy to understand interface snappy is a good for use.This is smart social program for your Mac.


HootSuite is the popular social media management tool for people and buisness campaign across multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter  from one web based dashboard.
This tool managing social media.,tracking conversation,measuring campaign via web or mobile device.Through one simple interface and login,it can be useful to social media as well of course,its free to use for up to 5 social media accounts.


TweetDeck is a web and desktop solution to monitor and manage your result of twitter feed with a good filter.This site has never been wonderful to use when you are on your desktop,this is where TweetDeck comes in a desktop application that brings enough features to make your Twitter experience better.You can also schedule tweets ans stay up to date with notification alerts for new tweets. TweetDeck available for mac.


Instamaster is an excellent app that provides the best Instagram experience.beside viewing feeds,and popular and nearby,videos,you can also upload photos to Instagram directly from your Mac.You can do by instamaster browsing feeds popular and Nearby,like,comment ,follow,tags and places,upload photos,save photos by right clicking on the photos.


Twwtbot is most award wining tool on twitter,its very populer. Tweetbot is wonderful twitter client that powerful and use very joyfully,tweetsbot makes twitter is very easy to use and making it perfect social media terms that are monitoring and tweeting constantly.

This is third party client  application for the social networking site twitter meant for use Mac also,you can created quickly tweet a group of related tweets having to manually reply to yourself and add the manually hashtag over and over again.the interface is columnized to allow multiple pieces of information to be shown at once,user can see their timeline,direct message conversation and also a list of mention side by side.


Mikeddit id reddit tool that helps to content to go viral. Reddit can make  your content news viral in short time mikeddit is the tool ofreddit. Mikeddit is the feture that  are reddit client,they support multiple accounts,3d touch,mute filters,an in aoo image and gif viewer,a dedicated gallary mode.Filter the content,subscribe and bookmark subreddits for later viewing,send post to favorite read later service.


Pinpro is the tool of Pinterest.It is takes your Pinterest addiction to a whole new level.It is the best app for instantly browsing and uploading to your pinterest account without ever having to open your web browser.You can access pinterest straight from menubar.

Instant access to pinterest via your Mac menubar,and quickly peak at your pinteres account at the click of button and also via its customisable hot key (ctrl+p).You can choose between desktop and mobile mode.Upload photos from your computer with pinpro you can easily upload images from your computer with a just a few clicks

Stealth mode use the nifty opacity control slider to determine the transparency of your Pinpro app window,stealth mode you sneakily check on your pinterest feed without it catching the eyes of other.

So the best social media for desktop tool for Mac Os  i tell in this article and all the social media tool help lot and user can helpful.IF you know any other tool plese comment below.
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