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Monday, 4 July 2016



  iTunes affiliate program open for all.The affiliate program  provides a way to link to song,
app,etc and then earn money,affiliate marketing program iTunes sign up process complete
easily.It will take five days to approved after sign up .For check your approval you can link your blog ya website link add.After the approve your affiliate program you can login as a affiliate partner and open your dashboard.

If your write your blog about music or entertainment then itunes is good choise. Simply you have published itunes playlist in your blog ya website sidebar.You can make good income by apple itunes affiliate program,When your application approved you directed to log in and then you can manage your account ,access to your ad code.then you will receive second email for your blog ya website accepted into the itune affiliate program.after you go to your dashboard and make sure your setting,payment option,give payment details.Apple send money via bank transfer in  lots of country.

Affiliation is simple way for extra revenue earn with your website ya blog.The earning from itunes affiliate program 7% commission on  qualified revenue generated by your links on your blog ya website.If you are iphone app developer then additional source of revenue.
You can use affiliation with video,book,ringtones ,mac app,podcasts,audiobooks everything that is sold through itunes.In payment setting you also include your country currency.

Now you go your dashboard and click tools and then create affiliate link.there show lots of option,like,link maker,widget builder,RSS feed generate,Banner builder,Auto link maker,you
choose any kind of method for monetize your blog.


Link maker allows you to create anything from a simple text makers lets you search for content across all of the iTunes stores.This is useful when you need to generate affiliate link for an individual product.


 With the widget builder you can easily add interactive widget to your website ya blog.Multiple widget are available with differing functionality .The widgets is currently available include app discovery,app store search,album discovery,iTunes search and playlist.The widgets are build and customized using the widget builder tool.

App discovery widget is widget showcase a single app withe the display of app icon,name current price,and description.The app search store widget allow user to explore the app store,user can search for apps,for iPhone or iPad touch and discover individual apps from their result.The app list widget allows partners to showcase a curated list of apps that they choose ,their user will have the ability to browse  the list and read a description of each app.
The album discovery widgets showcase a single album with a display of album art,artist and album name,current price,and track listing with the option to preview each of the songs.iTunes search widget lets user explore iTunes to search track or album and then browse the result with the option to preview song from within the widget.The playlist widget allows partners to showcase a playlist of song that they choose,their user will have the ability to browse the list and preview songs.


This is recommended for those blogs which are old and new link to app store or other apple products.With the one snipped of code added to your website all iTunes,app store,iBook store and mac app store link converted to affiliate links. Auto link maker is available for affiliate partner easily have their affiliate token added to iTunes link on your blog ya website.After going to Auto link maker and inserting your affiliate token simply copy the java script code and past it to your footer on your blog website.The code will not function properly in header.


Rss feed generator create custom your feed for your website ya blog.This is help to increaser your revenue and you can create Rss link to apple list of top products like music,books,apps.The Rss feed generator the ideal tool for including dynamic and constantly updating iTunes and app store content on your side.This is place widget on your blog sidebar.

With the banner builder you can create banners and then place the banner on your website ya blog.

Important thing about apple affiliate program.
  •  Cookie periods is 24 hours.If  any user click on your affiliate link then and then purchase within 24 hours u get commission.
  • You get commission 7 % of itunes product.
  • Cash out after 90 days.
  • Links to the apple online store product don earn commission on the affiliate iTunes program.
  • Links to iTunes gift are eligible for affiliate commission.
So this is the affiliate marketing program iTunes.One more thing if u use WordPress blog then you create shortcut WordPress plugin.The iTunes affiliate program could be good addition for you should start right away.If you are any question please below in comment section.


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