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Thursday, 16 June 2016



Elance is very good website for freelancer job.but www elance com job and up-work are same.elance company first launch in 1999.Elance odesk relaunch as up-work in may 2015 as an up-work company.
the elance site will remain unchanged in the immediate future.the elance website allows business to post for freelancer professorial and solicit proposal,they can  applying for the job when contractor is selected.freelancer search job in elance website and can research.each freelancer post a profile displaying past jobs and feedback  a portfolio.
registered free are allowed to limited number of proposal can submitted.


For this change i mean elance now up-work people scary but change can give better opportunity it also exiting.up-work is more advance technological platform.u can choose
to see this an inconvenience of a new technology change but client as it is.i think 

 now invite from clients high quality and without making significant if ur profile  has been working for over at elance then ur chance of wining job over clients here up-work to.

one very good thing up-work send push notification on ur mobile device directly.client invites u apply for the job and send u massage for ur response for ur job up-work now give u advantage. now u can able to response ur client more easily.Ur chance of successes far better than before.

.Up-work has its own unique fees on up-work any new contact start on up-work and if u worked with that client or freelancer in previous on elance the rate is same which u pay from u can connected new and existing elance freelancer and client signup to up-work already start .so up-work is more advance technological platform that can take a bit of getting used to for us elancer.ur nice elance profile u put time and effort into writing will work great here in up-work.

 Now up-work gives good advantage since online hiring trends to move good place,Right place in the right up-work now new brand name elance odesk.up-work allows clients to interview hire and work with freelancer and agency's through the company platform.the platform now includes a real time chat platform aimed at reduce the time its take to find and hire freelancer.

Up-work has mobile app both android and ios. so now for freelancer jobcan join up-work new job post of  on elance  now begun to redirect up-work.if u have alredy brought ur elance account over to up-work then u can connected with www elance com job now up-work.


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