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Friday, 17 June 2016



Today's topics is wordpress social network plugin if u do this then u can earn more traiff.Iam say about facebook,so facebook instan article is not new foe user everybody blogger and  webmaster fb instant article gain more facebook instant article is better for u.instant article is facebook allows u load ur content fast by using a customized mobile is based on the same technology use this facebook apps for mobile device.

now i am say about what is instant article for Facebook instant article is available to anyone with a Facebook page.instant an article is feature from Facebook social network company.this is use for news collaborating and content publisher can choose to use for articles.when publisher select  an article for instant article people browsing facebook in mobile app and can see the article with this Facebook app.

Due to good speed user can very likely share your content.accsess monetization option through Facebook audience network and boos fb page reach and Facebook user bring good tariff to ur Facebook is giving publisher 100 percent of the ad revenue if the publishers sell the ads.publisher are complete control of instant article they post.instantant article reportedly load much quicker and  the medium look of the article Facebook claim instant article load ten time fast as mobile article.

Facebook app user will not see ur sidebers.itt will hide widget,email list another thing which is not part of the article.shortcodes,other word press feature not show in ur article.there are some requirements for setting up fb instant article on ur word press site u need facebook page on ur wordprss website,fb page app,at list 10 to 15 article on ur website and instant article aor wp plugin.the plugin app support for instant article for facebook which is new way to publisher distribute fast.instannant article are preloded in the facebokk mobile app so they load instantly.with the plugin active a new menu active on ur Facebook page and start publishing ur instant artcle.

At first visit  official website then show how set up Facebook instant article on word press

now  login to ur Facebook account and them click instant article signup

when u click on sign up button a new window will be open like

select the page and click on enable instant access tool and after enable instant access too

u also configuration Facebook page go to insatnt access and claim ur url and submit for review

when u click on claim on url then a metatag show which u copy then paste to ur website 

<head> tag then editing your header php.after that u past ur website url id .after success page will be show like

go back to ur Facebook  page and add this rss feed and then save.

Now configuring fb instant  article in wordpress pluging at first go to this page add new app

 creat a new Facebook app id all the fill up then ask site url past it .

on the next window u will see ur app id and app secret

now u click on app review and then click yes button

a new window open then confirm

Now back to the instant article word press plugin vist this website

  word press puugig setting and type app id app secret to the word press plunging and click on next 

A new window will open where u validate ur login select ur Facebook page click on next

now before u complete for final submit for review step then click on style and click on default

after click on default a new window open here u add your website logo after logo upload u click save like

Now u submit 10 post for review

 now go back to ur  wordpad dashboard and 10 blog published edit mode then save all those article to ur Facebook instant article  rss feed,for submission it will take 3 to 4 days after that when approved window  and u also click auto published on show like

now click on Facebook audience network which let u earn revenue then click on get started atter click on get started configure ur payment option by this link  facebook audience network

 for approve ur audience network aplication take five minits then u can earn if u wordpress social network plugin then u can earn money.


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