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Friday, 24 June 2016



 Today i am telling about top 5 best easily approval add network for blogger now i say the popular ad network is adsence,there ad quality is very good.every bloger and webmaster dreams make some money by their website ya blog,ppc add is the way of earn click on adds a good traffic wiil come there are many add network site are available but every site not easy to approv.if u appy google adsence some condition are need like ur blog should be 6 month old domain.but not still everyboy are lucky to get instant adsence approval.

Adsence dont give approval for low tariff blog.the blog minimum 6 month old needed if adsence approval. most of the  new blogger apply for adsense but after not response ya getting rejected by adsense. small blog cannot give adsense approval.there are lot of ad network are show but all ad network not genuine,so be are some reliable ad network for new blogger


Bidvertiser has help many web based marketing firms for success their sites,u can found bidvertiser also help xml feeds and pop under ads which create benefits for web base market.
this is the one of the oldest ad network site. it was founded in 2002,bidvertiser is pay per click advertising site ,this is the great adsense alternative,the way of bidvertiser little differen from adsense,adsensce show ad based for visitor interest and this site create bidding system that allows highest bidder for ur blog ya website.bidvertiser offer large range of ad formats like text ads,banner ads,mobile ads,slider ads.more ad formats means more ads,more clicks and more money.
the minimum payouts amounts is $ 10 via paypal $50 via bank transfer.but bidvertiser ad quality not high like adsense,sometimes mobie user will be redirected through play store app which is not good,the loooks of interface old.but one thing is u can make money by promoting ur customized toolbar.



Revenue hits is another ad network which is pay for click for new bloggers,this site is good alternative for adsense.this sie is performance base ad network site and there publisher help to blogger for generate more revunue.this site hits pay for clicks or impression and this pay when ur clicks goes to action.publisher place the ad code on their blog when people clicks the ad and gives his/her detail to advertiser or email to advertiser u then get paid.

if u are going to use this ad network u earn money.this sie pay $10 to $ 50 per action.they pay via paypal,Payneer and bank transfer.many of the publisher use this site and make money and their support team is good and activation is instant.



Infolinks is another ad network which is different from other ad network,this is text advertising program and provide different kind of advertisement ,like inframe,intext,intag,
and infold.This is the trusted advertising company,they pauot timly.minimum payot $50 for
paypal and $100 for bank transfer and the new bloggers can make money bu this ad network site.


Chitika is the one of top alternative for adsence and new blogger.this ad company is one of
the best in terms of size of network and revenue generation.Their technology is good and many other networks replaced chitika.this site pays u each time to visitor click.chitika is founded in 2003.this is full serving advertisement network that serves over 2 billion monthly impression on 30000 thousand website are 26 different type of ads which u use for ur blog.this site is directly competitor with google adsense.

By adding chitika in ur blog u will increase ur revenue by pay per click advertising,there cpm rats higher than google adsense.there minimum payout $ 10 via paypal and no tariff requirement thik this site realy helpful when u search tariff for ur blog.chitika good support for publisher and adveriser.chitika is good site for new blogger.the new blogger can make money by this site.


Popads is the another google adsense alternative network. this is the good ad network for new bloggers.their no minimum tariff requirments.if u want bringigin top qualty
visitor to ur blog use this site and monetize ur blog and u get high quality ads by this site. is one of the higest paying network and fastest in market with a speicial stream in pounders cpm.this site offer highest rate of ad and the best international coverge. they
alow all types of blog including illigal ones,porn site,other related adult content.

There minimum payout $ 5 and payment by request,payment by paypal and alert pay.this is the simple advertising network for new blogger.they will pay u per visitor dont need to click anything if they brows ur blog u get pay.The best thing of this site they paid there are top 5 best easily aproval ad network for blogger and u can use those ad networks which earn revenue for ur blog.



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