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Saturday, 11 June 2016


MAKE MONEY  BY  FACEBOOK WITH ADFLY  Start making money online with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus in i am explain about  How to make money from Facebook, for this purpose  i am showing two diffrent typs of way for earning money.facebook is our social media site but we are also use facebook for money making.facbook is the populer social sitte. if you have lots of friend,likes,follower,groups then its gain,so now i am  say about adfly

 Adfly is the url shortener site. if u sign up in adfly then u can earn money by short url.
In URL shortening, every long URL is associated with a unique key, which is the part after its top-level domain name.URL shortening may be utilized by spammers or for illicit internet activities. As a result, many have been removed from online registries or shut down by web hosts or internet service use a number of interstitial advertising techniques to generate revenue.Short URLs, although making it easier to access what might otherwise be a very long URL or user-space on an ISP server, add an additional layer of complexity to the process of retrieving web pages.

so i am say now how facebook with adfly apply and earn this method u used different kind of webste url link past into ur adfly account dashboard like

that(u sign up adfly )then u copy shoorten link and past it to your facbook every click  on url which u past it to faccbook u get money coppy link may be of any website video link or software and lots of diffrent kind of links. .so if u share ur adflylink lot then u get money lot.


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