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Tuesday, 28 June 2016



  How to invite all friends on facebok jus a single click,today i am telling about this there are some trick to invite all ur friends just single click. Facebook is interact with people.when u starts a new page in Facebook,and then the page  link to ur website ya blog then getting few like initially an help u very Facebook manually invite friends by clicking on the invite button for every individual for time consuming recently i found Facebook for friend for chrome web extension for facebook an unofficial extension with incredibly easy access Facebook news notification,and friend right from your chrome toolbar.the  popular social media platform Facebook and can create there profile,page,event.

Facebook recently added a select all feature to the event invite systeam.allowing you quickly
select everyone from list u have created or some suggested group,to do so first create ur event.this will allow to select all the friend u list ur created or from suggested now for this work u must use google i tell u how to invite all friend on Facebook step by step like

Click on add the chrome extension.

step 2 then goto page  then cilck on invite friends after click on corner of the icon

step 3 wait for extension send invitation to all ur friends like

step 4 invitation sent to all your friends like

After that just wait few second ur all friends invite automatically thing this procedure helping u lot to invite ur friends just one click.after reading this article i thin u all find the extension of google chrome with facebook.u can give rating the extension after fulfilness of extension.this procedure is very easy to invite all friends on Facebook am using this procedure and realy help me lot ,i recomanded all use the procedure helpful.

If u huge Facebook friend list then its necessaryto use this helps to invite friend
to all of huge friend just a one click and u connect minute to all of ur friends.if u use this then not difficult to send invitation to other to join your page.event or group,suppose u have 5000 friends then just a one click u reach to all of how to invite all friends on facebook this is the procedure.


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