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Sunday, 19 June 2016



In my previous article i tee how to add ur word-press blog with Facebook instant article and making money now i tell u how add advertisement with Facebook instant articles and then making money. advertiser and marketer know the power of social media and recognise the unquestioned supremacy as the Facebook is sharing platform,that move opinion.

In previous i talked about  Facebook audience network ads to instant article.this audience network ads are  related to adsence but difference is the fraction of customer demand high than the other ad networks.people like very much ur article for that reason they demand lot.and cpm  also high.

Audience network is way for advertiser to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and other mobile in the audience network designed to help marketers meets key business help the deliver the best ads possible.the audience network  is the starting with advertiser looking too drive app install or app engagement.audience network provide for publisher and developers high value ad units backed by million of Facebook advertiser.audience network help to publisher for provide monetize their content to now how to enable audience network like
At first go to Facebook page instant article setting and then go audience network click on get started.

Now after the click on get started a new option show and u then click on dashboard

After the click on dashboard  a new window will be open and u click on the placement tab like

Now click on ad placement selection a name and will be perfectly choose.and u select type of add when u click drop down list three type of add show native.iinterstitial(app only),Native.and u select the banner add format and save.

 now u can see ad placement id and u can also click on get code for java script code for ads

now login to ur word-press dashboard go to instant article setting and then select ad type copy the audience network placement id and select ad dimensions

 Then this time to give payment information for getting paid by audience network,go to audience network dashboard and click on payout a new screen will be open

Now click  on create ya register new company like

Now u go to payment information This is payment section u fill this choose payment type the like

Then u fill up tax form those who are getting paid from an audience network and now choose file save it ur desktop then open the downloaded pdf file and fill out the form after upload the document then click on save like

After ciick save u need to select company name from drop down menu and click on save changes for updated tax form,the final screen like

So all thing u know that u get paid via paypal or direct deposit,u can disable ur ad from specific categories.then this is procedure how to add advertisement to facebook instant articles.if u want to update ur tax form  can do this the procedure to earn money by audience network.


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