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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


HOW GET PAID TO WRIGHT BY now question is what is freelance working?freelance i mean freelancer is a self employed person who is no bound by particular company,sometimes freelance worker present as temporarily agent  of company.freelancer means can do any kind of job by online,independent job by online.if u have quality about 

writing,painting,designing,translating,engenering knoweldege,data 
analysis,adnin like knoweldge then u can be a freelancer.any kind of skill if u have like drawing making of autocad,desining with adbo photoshop then u can do this job.writing about cover letter,copyright letter,bolging,admin letter any kind of writing knoweldge if u have then u can do this job.also have acoounting like job.


music,journalism,publishing,screen wrighting,editing,website development,indexing,computerprograming,web desining,graphic desining all of these field are avalable in freelance job.a freelencer is self employed who atten multiple clients at a time.freelancer is so flexible,can set ur own hours working full or part by choice,he is free to control how work is completed.working at a time varity of company.the advantage of freelancer is they choose job and company pay to freelencer good offering.lots of websight have their u can find freelance


    with 1.5 million of clients upwork offers for everytype of freelencer,their both short and longterm project,houtly or per project work.


toptal is good site for talented freelencer.passing toptal screening process gives u unparalleled accsess to meningfull projects,with good client. 


freelencer offering million of projects .frelencer allow to competition to other freelencer for prove skills.


elance offer good project,if u able to make ur profile perfect then u can do job.
and their payment protection to ensure u.alwayes paid for the hours.

              so some other site are avaible like,99,demand,,freelencewrighting, many site are avaible their GET PAID TO WRIGHT for freelance job from home
and earn money.showing a video


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