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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


 This time u can BLOG SUBMIT FREE BASIS BY FACEBOOK,i think this is the time to express ur blog such
a wonderful to the world with the help of and free basics facebook . facebook and the six company that plans access with so to less develop country can use this facility. free basic program is an open source program  by facebook.and give u free internet services.this program help
those people who not effort to internet regular basis.

free basis facebook help people to access good services on their mobile phone in market where internet access less affordable..this website can access without data charges and include thing like
news,employment,education, local information.people can profit free internet with this website. 

now benefit facebook free basis service program ur web site ya blog can grow up.ur ranking position
will top of the level in global net service.for this open traffic ur blog ya website gain.u can connected those countries where people less effortless for internet services and u also get connected Asia ,Africa,,Latin America people where the facebook service for free.

so how to submit ur blog ya website to free facebook basis program so that users on the service can enjoy by visit ur blog ya website.if u own the website ya blog u can add app amd use free service.then ur audience can grow up and reach all of people who not effort for internet service.u can establish ur  blog ya website to fastest mobile now how to submit at first go google search internet,org then official website will be open like


 Then u register and by registering process u mention ur full name,company name,email address connected to ur facebook account and country and also ur website ya blog information,u write massage also for reviewer.then add your url of the website ya blog  then ur BLOG SUBMIT FREE BASIS BY FACEBOOK by this procedure.

1. Write contact information like

2. write site information like

3. write  notes to reviewer like

4. write url,countries,language support like


so then submit.this procedure help to submit ur blog for free basis facebook.i thik use this facility for growig ur blog ya website tariff increase then u can get money .


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