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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


HOW TO ADD UR WEBSITE IN DAYLIMOTION  and varify this is the for varifying ur website u can do some steps and after varyfi ur website u cab embed video of daylimotion and earn money from  daylimotion pay for this now about daylimotion.

 Daylimotion is  a site free uploding video.u can upload free video in daylimotion and if u monterize ur video which u upload in dayllimotion  then u can get money.this site show this facilities to the channel partner.if views lots of u can earn  money,and emed ur video in ur website where  if visitor watch the video then u can earn money .


This is the bigest video platform in world.dayllimotion is available all around the world.18 different
language 35 different version.daylimotion allows to user  brows and upload videos by searching tags,channels or user created group.user can follow and recomended to videos to other user,suscribe
channel,add friends.user embed their video his website and video staistic were added.

Daylimotion  video sharing site are avaible all the device like ios,android mobile,operating systeam
and offer gaming video live streem.Once you've enabled monetization, you will automatically start earning revenue from your uploaded videos and any reposts of those videos.

The more views your videos and get, the more revenue you make sure to share your videos. and, you can make even more by embedding your videos on your own websites. To do this, you'll need to verify your for varification u will do all these setep like

1. At first u singn in or sign up dayllimotion then go to setting and go to your sites like

2.   Then add ur site button and go below this option like

3. now a new window will appear then add ur website ya blog domain like

4.  Then click on next button and a new window will appear and copy this metatag to ur blog ya website templete and edit templete  like

5.  Now open ur blog ya website templete and edit html like

6. then after edit html u find search option for that u clicj ctrl f then search option will top of the corner and  now type <head> and show head now paste  metatag and save templete which u copy like

 now for varification ur sites ya blog it will take 24 hours then ur website ya blog by all these procedure u can ADD UR WEBSITE IN DAYLLIMOTION and embed video of dayllimotion
and earn money.



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