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Monday, 27 June 2016



 Most of the people think that successful mobile apps get magically download lots of time within a day of u just think if u want to promote ur iphone app or  game u need to solid marketing plan.i am telling now 10 best why to promote ur iphone app or game,after a few ur own app lunches observing many more,and taking with  several   app developers , app develops for ios are growing in present day and recently their are advance from the android developers.creating an app opens a whole new channel by which u can interact with ur customer.
Now a days i phone app development is growing business.many companies are getting into
development of ios app.i think it is the good business.if u create app always has access to you in one simple click.your app is wholly customizable to their needs. ur audience.Now the problem is most people is also seem to spend every last time they have on their developing app.and after creating ur app very hard  to promoting this.

 Developers  want hard to promote ios app to to their large  audience. now the question is how would i go about lunching a new ios app?why people download the app? this is the ex
act reason so that reason i am show u A list of tips to help u start ur its time to do viral ur ur app to people.I am showing u methods to guide u to promo ur ios app.

1.      At first build ur online presense this is the essential thing that how u  presence in online and independent of ur app.the veru good majority of ur app u do marketing online and for that u need to potential customer.buliding ur online presence help u establish ur ios app independent ur ios ur app starts long before you ever bring to market.rech out to customer and talk with them.

2. Social neteworking promote ur app by social networking site,u post about ur apps to social networking site,share to all of ur friends ,family member.pouulersocial networking site like facebook,twitter,not only twitter free it also direct conecction to the people in ur target industry.

3. Create ur website ya blog blogger,tumbler all give u place to host free website and u can able to supply this link to everyone if they want know about ur app.u put ur video of ur app into your blog to make consumer become aware of ur app fetures and fulfillness. The
website url of app store description ,in the signature of all ur emails.put the soial buttons,lilke facebook share,twitter,tumbler,StumbleUpon all on ur website by that people can tell about ur app to their friends and community.

4. Make a video video marketing is  the perfect way to promote your app.browsing through the appstore and looking at thr 4 screen grabs that all developer tend to provide by default is a pretty tame way to decide if an app is wroth u just record ur app by digital camera and say about how fetures ur app,why ur app is wroth downloading.then put it youtube,dayllimotion,vimeo site.

5. Give free content,promo promote ur app through blogs related to mobile apps,for i phone app developers u will able to download 50 promro code from apple with each update that is accepted by i tune store.if u have android app u can send out to link ur application apk so people can download the app for free then u give some promo codes to ur friend and they should leave review,the review of ur app this is better.

6. Adverising your app,this is the very good idea for promote ur i phone app,at first u know website where ur app match for app category and buy some ad space to promote ios app.there are lots of website that do nothing but write review about cool new apps.

7. Guest post, lots of blog welcome to guest post.this is the great way to write ur own review of ur i os app.u will have to write real post,about something the value of ios app and they will let u put a link to ur app or website in the credits.this is awasam because pointing ur website is good seo,so u can earn tariff.

8. Search marketing like google ad words,yahoo, search marketing,bing search marketing ,baidu,search advertising,yandex search advertising.there u offer with swwet keyword about related ur ios app for promote ur ios app. 

9. Consider alliterative app store,with google play ,app store.their are various other app stores on the online market where u can upload ur apps.If is an app is submitted on other relative popular stores,by that increase expected download.there are some good app store where u can consider like slide me,opera mobile store,amazon app store,app brain.

10 Chooose right promotion campaign playing with ur app price and making promotions the good way to promote ur ios app,for that increase ur app downloads,increase your revenue. If u change ur price ur app sometime then people notice the price change ur app but the more effective way to boost downloads is by far using a third party who specialize in app download boosts.but many of this app discovery apps have million of user,and being feature can give a great visibility to boost ur app.

so no matter how dezine ur appbut without promotion ur going to miss out rehing the audience.this is the a0 best way to promote ur i phone app or this the money making procedure by ur ios app.


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